STILL is a 180 square metre space where photography comes into focus.
STILL’s heart is close to picture and photographic culture, and we are prepared to offer our clients a wide range of tailored, thought-through services: training projects, marketing plans, repositioning strategies, media and social media strategy, event management, editorial projects and press relations.
Every activity has its own dedicated space at STILL: an exhibition gallery, a back-office and a classroom for training activities.

foto location still fotografia interno

STILL’s spaces stand out for their flexibility.

STILL is also a fully equipped photography studio located in a quiet private courtyard near Milan’s Darsena.
The space is designed to satisfy any professional need: fashion shooting, still life, portrait, video and workshops.
The multi-function room is also a prime location to host press conferences, product launches and other events.
The premises can be hired by the hour, or for half or full-days, and are also available on weekends and bank holidays.

For more information on how to book, prices and availabilities: